Team Structure

How UBRacing is Structured

For undergraduate engineers, Formula Student gives the best possible way to apply their practical and theoretical engineering skills during their time at university. The UBRacing programme is well supported within the School of Mechanical Engineering however, unlike other Formula Student teams, our team is not restricted only to engineering students.

The UBRacing team is split up into two main areas – though most members take part in aspects of each area:

The Manufacturing team design, manufacture and tune the car. This includes the engine and powertrain, drivetrain, chassis, aerodynamics and bodywork, vehicle dynamics and brakes and driver interaction. Understandably, this is the part of UBRacing with the most team members and requires an extraordinary amount of planning and theory before the car even starts to be made. The members of this team also manufacture the car, most of which is done in-house with a few stand-out design pieces being machined to the highest standard by our sponsors – just one of the things that makes us distinct from other Formula Student teams. Work does not stop after the car is made though. Pre-competition testing means that we can tune our car to a high standard and while running our car we carry out telemetry to monitor its vital statistics and ensure everything works as it should.

The Business, Marketing, Sponsorship and Media team are more business based and their job is to acquire funding through sponsorship to fund the team. Each year our project costs around £30,000, all of which comes from our sponsors either in monetary form or as goods-in-kind. Our sponsors form a very important part of our support team, not only by way of pure sponsorship but also by donating their time and offering us their industrial expertise. Keeping a good relationship with our sponsors is a very important part of running UBRacing as a model business and thus our Sponsorship team is key to our success.

The purpose of the media team is to produce all the visual media used by the team. This includes photographs and videos, our Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as our sponsorship brochures, newsletters, leaflets, team kit and of course our website. These publications are then used to help boost awareness of UBRacing and promote our team. It also helps us to connect with our alumni and sponsors so they can see what we’re up to.

If you’re interested in becoming a Sponsor, please visit the Sponsorship page of our website or get in touch with us using the details on our Contact Us page.